Product Warranty

Product Warranty

This Product Warranty was last modified on 16th January 2017.


Sporting Activity: An official training session or game for either a club or school team, being supervised by a qualifying person.

Qualifying person: An official referee of a game in question, or member of coaching staff for a training session in question, who is not immediately related to the customer.

Customer: An individual who has purchased a correctly sized and applied mouthguard from the Company, and is using it within the limitations of what it was manufactured for.

The Company: Myofunctional Research Co trading as Powrgard® Mouthguards.

The following conditions must be met for the customer to be eligible to make a warranty claim:-

1. An accidental injury occurred to the Customer’s teeth during a Sporting Activity officiated by an appropriate Qualifying person, within 12 months of the purchase of a mouthguard manufactured by the Company. The customer must provide proof of purchase for the mouthguard;

2. The injury in question occurred while the mouthguard was in use, positioned correctly, and while the Customer was undertaking a Sporting activity for which the mouthguard was manufactured to protect in;

3. The Company is notified in writing within 28 days of the injury occurring. This notice should include a written report detailing the events leading up to the injury, signed off by the Qualifying Person at the customers own expense;

4. The Company is provided with the contact details of the qualifying person;

5. The injury is seen to by a licensed dental practitioner within 28 days of the injury occurring, and a written report is provided to the Company as to what dental treatment is necessary as a result of the injury; and

6. The Customer returns the mouthguard to the Company, and provides proof of purchase for the same, and accepts that the mouthguard becomes the property of the Company upon its return.

The Company’s liability in relation to any warranty claim is limited to the actual out of pocket expense and the lesser of:-

1. The actual dental expense as prescribed and undertaken by a licensed dental practitioner; or

2. For existing and future models

a. Professional, Extreme, Extreme MMA, Crusader & Stealth i. $390.00 per injured or replaced tooth, up to a maximum of $12,000 per incident

b. 4-Braces Double and Single arch, Junior i. $280.00 per injured or replaced tooth, up to a maximum of $9,000 per incident

c. Univers i. $235.00 per injured or replaced tooth, up to a maximum of $7,500 per incident Except as outlined above, Myofunctional Research Co disclaims any liability in relation to any loss, damage, or injury directly or indirectly related to any of our products.